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aebal delivers it's support in three ways...



'Support' - One to One person-centred sessions, working closely with family and social workers to meet personal goals. (Typically 2 - 3hrs in length)



'Connect' - Person-centred activities in small friendship groups of two to five individuals. The focus is on bringing people together and social outcomes.

(Typically 3 - 4hrs in length)



'Groups' - A variety of fun weekend activities delivered to larger groups of six or more individuals. The emphasis is on participation and new experiences.

(Full day activities of 7hrs or more. Reduced rate dependent on activity, travel and group size)

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All three service options share the common goal of enabling individuals to become more active and involved out in the community.



aebal understands that it is as much about forming a positive relationship as it is about participating in the activity itself. Everyones needs are different. We work closely with each person to build trust and find activities that engage and inspire.



The service is all about variety and we encourage everyone to get involved in all three of the above service options.

We are happy for clients to use the service in the way they feel works best for them.

This is achieved from really getting to know the people we support and putting them at the centre of the support.



aebal sessions are very flexible and take place between 8am and 11pm, 7 days a week and for as little as two hours in length. We are also happy to meet people from home and begin the sessions from there.

aebal have enabled people who have become isolated at home to start feeling more confident, we have helped create new friendships and we have introduced others to fun new hobbies!



aebal also collaborate with a number of other services/charities and always encourage the pursuit of new opportunities.

Most of our service users are supported on an ongoing basis but we also support people on a short term basis to build confidence to access other services that maybe a little overwhelming at first.


Please refer to our FAQ page for further information or feel free to get in touch.


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