"Support with Personality"


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We understand that people who are in need of support, don't want to feel like they are being looked after or that the only reason for us being there is to achieve a set outcome documented in a care plan.


If someone is struggling with depression or confidence around their disability, they firstly need some meaningful support and mentoring to help them feel good about who they are and positive about the future.

Once we have built up a trusting relationship and found a suitable activity for the person, independence related outcomes occur naturally.


For example, joining an archery club on a Friday evening involves catching a bus, saving money for the activity, organising yourself to get there on time, perhaps preparing some food to take. These things all happen as a normal consequence of starting a new hobby.


The missing ingredient was the confidence, self-belief and motivation to participate in this new hobby, which is where our support comes in!


We spend time getting to know each person; learning about their interests and aspirations. This enables us to be really creative with the activities and the support we provide.


aebal access the community in an extremely inclusive way; encouraging people to choose their activities and plan their own sessions. We will get involved in the activity ourselves or discretely support people to participate independently.


The activity list is endless and always growing!


Indoor climbing

Music gigs

Cooking social

Martial arts

Sponsored runs

Board game cafe

Mini Golf


Meal Socials

Video gaming

Football training

Conservation work


Nature walks

Bike rides



Cardio Tennis


To name a few...








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How the sessions work...

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More photos here!!

We provide short, activity focussed sessions, typically around 2hrs – 3hrs.


Many of these sessions are delivered in the evenings and at weekends which is when individuals can often feel the most isolated. We all need interests and activities outside of our working hours which is why the service really works.

We always encourage people to travel independently to an activity venue whenever possible to promote independence and maximise activity time, however car transportation can be provided when needed at no extra cost.


We are happy to collect people from home in order for them to participate in an aebal session with a friend who may live in a different area of Nottingham. In fact, a lot of friendships have been formed through session commutes. We’ve found that being stuck in traffic often provides a great environment for chatting, singing and debates on whether it’s now acceptable to be a Justin Bieber fan! (out of date reference!)